Budhathum 6: Nepal after the earthquake

The two earthquakes that hit Nepal in April and May 2015 claimed many lives. We chose to help the village of Budhathum 6 as we already knew the area surrounding the village, and it was badly affected.

Located 140 km northwest of Kathmandu in the Dhading district, the village of Budhathum is divided into 9 hamlets. Located in the mountains, Budhathum 6 is a hamlet of 600 people including 110 children. The villagers normally meet their basic needs through agriculture (rice, millet, wheat, corn) and livestock (goats, buffaloes, cows, chickens).

The need to build a Community Center for the residents of Budhathum 6 was, in consultation with the villagers, instantly raised.

The Community Center Project

In December 2015, a reconnaissance mission enabled Alaya to make a preliminary assessment of the situation, learn more about infrastructure design in Nepal, build a network with local organizations, and a close relationship with the local community.

  • A nursery / kindergarten for the children of the village

    The 30 young children from 4 to 8 years of Budhathum 6 have only tarpaulins and sheets to shelter and study.

  • A room for community activities, religious ceremonies and training workshops.

    These trainings, especially for women in the village, will enable them to vary income sources and ensure greater stability to their livelihood skills.

  • Space for access to water

    Toilets, sinks and drinking water

In January 2017, two Alaya Foundation members traveled to Budhathum 6. It was an opportunity to see the villagers gather and unite to express their needs. Trust and collaboration between Alaya and the residents progressively built through a thorough, active listening process. The village’s Construction Committee formed soon after that meeting. Thanks to this event, we have strengthened our partnership with the Nepalese and concluded an agreement with a local NGO (Budhathum Welfare Society (BWS)) to ensure the project’s sustainability. BWS is composed of men and women, to enable the community assume ownership of the project and integrate it into their daily life.

The project at present:

Construction plans for the Community Center were designed by local engineer Prakash Silwal, who specializes in earthquake-resistant construction. His plans meet the new Nepalese building code and harmonize with the village’s culture and needs.

Budhathum Welfare Society is responsible for managing the site, and Alaya team collects, transfers and supervises the use of the funds.

Community involvement

Budhathum 6 residents jointly selected the Community Center’s location. They created a Construction Committee which includes one of the village’s women. Men and women worked equally and received equal income during the construction of the Community Center.

The Construction Committee also created the NGO named Budhathum Welfare Society (BWS), which is now the local partner managing the construction site.

The construction of the Center will allow the transmission of basic skills in earthquake-resistant construction to the workers in the village and, consequently, will enable some villagers to find work, locally or regionally. The construction will also be an opportunity to promote mutual aid in the village as well as exchanges of services between residents, while maintaining an ecological concern where the recovery of materials from the old village is prominently encouraged.

During the trip in December 2015, ISFQ donated a prospectors’ tent for the first necessities of the villagers. This tent will also be used by volunteers to assist in the construction of the village community center. We thank them for their collaboration. We also thank the Angels of Hope (Quebec organisation) for distributing clothing to the children of the village during this same trip. We also brought school supplies.

2017-2018 : The Final Phase

Construction started October 23 2017 and will finish in may 2018.

Update :

  • Prakash Silwal’s construction plan has been approved by the construction Committee and by the NGO BWS in octobre 2017
  • The construction permit was issued
  • The construction budget has been revised and approved
  • A new approach in our fundraising campaign is in place to allow for any amount, within your own budget
  • Identification of major sponsors.
  • Making funds available to start construction in October 2017

Financing of the Budhathum 6 project :

We need 26 000$ (17 405,00 Euros) to complete the project by the end of May 2018.