Visit to Budhathum from 1 to 8 October 2022

Raymonde Paiement, Suzanne Moneau, Solange Ouimet and Martine Breuillaud from the Alaya Foundation went to Budhathum to follow up on the mission in Nepal. Marie-José Guérin, Radhia Ouali and Fares Abi-Saleh, donors, were also part of the trip.

The welcome was warmest in these celebrations of Dashain. Reunions for some, celebrations, handing over of supplies, distribution of sticks to the elderly, observation of what has been accomplished since the pandemic such as the installation of 2 drinking water tanks, and setting up of the workshop of literacy were on the agenda.

Visit to Budhathum from 10 to 17 April 2019

Alaya Foundation Board members traveled to Budhathum for the inauguration of the community center. It was an opportunity for purchases and discounts of supplies for the youngest children in the village as well as sewing machines. Animations made the joy of young and old.

By way of thanks, the villagers organized a big picnic around which games, songs and dances were organized.