Donate and we will rebuild

Construction started October 23 2017 and will finish in may 2018.

Update :

  • Prakash Silwal’s construction plan has been approved by the construction Committee and by the NGO BWS in octobre 2017
  • The construction permit was issued
  • The construction budget has been revised and approved
  • A new approach in our fundraising campaign is in place to allow for any amount, within your own budget
  • Identification of major sponsors.
  • Making funds available to start construction in October 2017

Financing of the Budhathum 6 project :

We need 26 000$ (17 405,00 Euros) to complete the project by the end of May 2018.

Every Donation is Vital

Every gift will contribute to the construction of the community center with a classroom and a multifunctional room dedicated to various activities. This center will greatly improve the wellbeing of the entire community.