Our Mission

Alaya Foundation aims to alleviate poverty among communities affected by natural disasters, by providing the victims with life’s essential elements ; shelter, food, clean water, clothing, health care access, a gathering area, basic education as well as workshops to support their village’s needs. Alaya Foundation works in close collaboration with these communities around the world.

Our story

The idea of setting up the Alaya Foundation arises in 2014, during one of Martine Breuillaud’s trips in the foothills of the Himalayas. Alaya stands for “A home where one feels good”. On April 25, 2015, Martine was in Kathmandu when the earthquake struck. Impelled to come back to help her Nepalese friends, she formed the Alaya Foundation. Alaya officially became a charitable organization in 2016.

Registration Number in Canada: 80917 9922 RR0001

Registration Number in Quebec: NEQ 1171142848

Father Benoît Lacroix inspired the Alaya Foundation

The late Dominican Father Benoît Lacroix, who had just turned 100, inspired us to initiate the Alaya Foundation. His openness, generosity, interest in cultures and his will to unite people motivated us to continue.

Our main goals

  • Alleviate poverty among communities affected by natural disasters. This goal is accomplished by working closely with the people of these communities, helping them acquire the basic amenities of life. This includes food, clean water, clothing, health care access, shelter, a gathering area, and tools to foster self-sufficiency (seeds, animals, based on local needs).

  • Promote education by supporting restoration of public schools and children homework programs, as well as offering literacy classes to all individuals affected by these disasters.

  • Facilitate access to existing training programs focusing on construction and sewing skills. The goal is to enable community self-sufficiency in a timely fashion. All programs are equally available to women and men, and aim to foster teamwork across the community.