Alaya : Action brings happiness

Photo : Jean-Marc Duchesne

Alaya : Action brings happiness

Alaya : Action brings happiness

Building resilience for a brighter tomorrow.

Alleviate Poverty

Our goal is to empower disaster-affected communities by providing  food, clean water, clothing, health care access, shelter, a gathering area, and tools to foster self-sufficiency

Promote Education

The aim is to promote education by supporting the restoration of public schools, offering literacy classes, and providing homework programs for children affected by natural disasters.

Access facilitation

The aim is to facilitate access to existing construction and sewing training programs, fostering teamwork across the community and enabling self-sufficiency.


Father Benoît Lacroix inspired the Alaya Foundation

Le Feu Père dominicain Benoît Lacroix qui venait d’avoir 100 ans nous a inspiré pour initier la Fondation Alaya. Son ouverture d’esprit, sa générosité et son intérêt pour les cultures et la volonté d’unir les peuples nous aident à poursuivre.


What has been achieved

We are committed to empowering communities and creating lasting change through collaboration. Our mission is to build a better world for everyone, and we believe that investing in people is the key to progress.


Collaboration for success

Together we can achieve more, with a shared vision and a collaborative approach. Our partnership is our strength, as we work towards a common goal and build a better future together.


meet our team members

Together we achieve greatness.


Iolande Cadrin-Rossignol

Iolande Cadrin-Rossignol has worked in several capacities in the film industry Quebec. After advanced studies in theater and music, she ...

France Brûlé

After working for over 15 years at Laval University in Quebec City and 32 years at Polytechnique Montreal as a ...

Sophie Quemeneur

Sophie Quemeneur grew up and studied in Europe and Australia during her youth. She is a member of the Canadian ...

Suzanne Morneau

Suzanne Morneau is a professor, and Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR) graduate. She worked for nearly 25 years with ...